Privacy Policy

In accordance with this privacy policy, Eduminatti respects your privacy and is determined to protect it. Stated in this Policy:
• When you visit or use our websites or social media accounts, applications and other online services (collectively, our "Services"), the types of information we can obtain from you; and
• Our practices for the acquisition, use, maintenance, security and publication of that information.

This Policy refers only to data collected by our Services, transmitted through or in accordance with our Services through email, text and other digital communications.

This Policy WILL NOT extend to any third-party data that you send to, or that is obtained by in any form. These include organisations where you make inquiries/applications and/or pay via our Services and social networking sites that you use in association with our Resources. We urge you to contact these third parties individually about their terms of service.

To understand our guidelines and standards about your information and how we will manage it, we strongly suggest reading this Policy carefully. Your alternative is not to use our facilities or services if you disagree with our policies and practices. You consent to this Privacy Policy by obtaining or using our services. This Policy can vary depending on the situation, and your consistent use of our Services is perceived to be adopting such changes after we implement adjustments. We encourage you to review the Policy for updates frequently.

1. Data that we gather and how we utilise it

• We obtain data from and about users for our Services. There are many forms of data, including information: through which you can be known personally; and/or
• Your online connection, the devices you are using to navigate our Services, and particulars of your operation.

2. This knowledge is obtained by us:

• When you supply it to us, straight from you; and/or
• When you click through our resources naturally (details obtained automatically may involve usage information, web beacons, IP addresses and data collected by cookies, and other tracking technologies).

3. Data You send to us

The information we receive on or via our services could include:
Your account details: Credentials such as full name, email address, zip address, password and other data including your sex, mobile number and website, that you could provide with your profile. This info can potentially be given to us via third-party sign-in services such as Facebook and Google Plus. In those kinds of situations, we retrieve and store whichever information is made available to us by you through this third-party-sign-in.
Your preferences: Your choices settings such as time zone, place and language.
• Your Content: Data you provide through our Resources, comprising comments, reviews, photos, feedback, lists, fans, users you follow, descriptions regarding by current and previous organisations, applications, booked services and other details in your account.
• Your searches and some other actions: The search words you've searched for and the chosen results.
• Your browsing info: For how long you have been using our Services and which features you have been using; the advertisements that you have clicked on.
• Your correspondence: Contact you made through our Services between you and other users or merchants; your involvement in a questionnaire, survey, sweepstakes, competition or promotional strategy; your demand for certain features (e.g. newsletters, notifications or other services); your communication with us regarding opportunities for job listings to the Services.
• Your transactional details: We may record and analyze details from you to manage your requirements and automatically complete forms for future transactions. Such information may include (but not limited to) your telephone number, address, email address, payment details and credit or payment card information. We collect data if you send applications or payments through our Services. This data can be shared with third parties, including PCI-compliant payment gateway processes, who help process and satisfy your requests. We encrypt the information using industry-standard technologies when you send credit or payment card information, as further defined below under "Payment Card Information." If you write reviews of companies with which you perform transactions through our Services, we can publicly show information that you have transacted with those companies.
• Your Public Posts: You may also provide data on publically available parts of our Services (such as reviews, suggestions, advice, photographs, comments, likes, bookmarks, contacts, lists, etc.) to be posted or viewed (hereinafter 'posted'), or distributed to other users of our Services or third parties (collectively, "User Contributions"). Your User Contributions are posted at your own risk and transferred to everyone else. While we restrict access to certain sites, by logging into your account profile, you can set certain privacy settings for such information. Bear in mind that no security measures are flawless or impenetrable (see "Security" section below). Furthermore, we are unable to monitor the actions of other users of our Services whom you can want to share your User Contributions with. Therefore, we cannot and do not promise that unauthorised individuals will not access your user contributions. We can show this information on the Services, share it with companies, and further deliver it through third-party sites and services to a wider audience. In such posts, you should be cautious about sharing any personal information about yourself.
To achieve greater efficiency and enhance the quality of our Services, we use the information you send to us. We also use this to personalise your experience when using our Services. This information is often used by us to view relevant ads, provide you with assistance, connect with you, and comply with our legal obligations.

About Your Friends Details

By supplying their contact details, you have the choice to ask your friends to join the services. We can only use your friend's contact details to process your request if you request a friend to enter and chat with you on the Services. Knowledge About Your Messages If you exchange messages via the Services with others, we can store them to process and deliver them, allow you to manage them, and investigate potential breaches of our Terms of Service and misconduct related to the Services. If you send information from the Services via an SMS text message to your mobile device, we may log your telephone number, telephone number, and the date and time that the message was processed. Carriers can charge beneficiaries for texts that they may receive. Details we collect through automated technologies for data collection. Even if you use the Services without registering or logging in, we can automatically collect certain information about the machine or devices (including mobile devices) that you use to access the Services, and about your use of the Services.

• Information on the use of our Services: Specifics on your use of our Services, including traffic data, location data, logs and other contact data, and the tools on or through our Services that you access and use. Details about your computer and device: information about your computer, Internet connection and mobile device, including your IP address, operating systems, platforms, type of browser, other browsing information (connection, speed, type of connection, etc.), type of device, unique device identifier of the device, information about the mobile network and the telephone number of the device.
• Stored data and documents: Metadata and other information associated with other files stored on your mobile device may also be accessed by our apps. This can include photos, audio and video recordings, personal contacts, and information about address books, for example.
• Location information: As permitted by you, our applications collect real-time information about your device's place.
• Last visited URL: The URL of the last page that you visited before accessing our websites.
• Mobile Device IDs: Unique mobile device IDs (e.g. IDFA or other device IDs on Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad) If you use our Services on a mobile device, we may use mobile device IDs (a unique device ID issued by the manufacturer to the device) to identify you instead of cookies. To store your preferences and monitor your use of our applications, we can do this. Mobile device IDs can not be removed, unlike cookies. Advertising companies can use device IDs to monitor your use of our apps, track the number of advertisements displayed, measure the output of advertising and show more appropriate advertisements for you. In order to track your use of our applications, analytics companies can use mobile device IDs.
• Your preferences, such as time zone, place and language, are your preferences and settings.
• Your Services operation: information about your Services activity, such as your search requests, comments, domain names, selected search results, number of clicks, viewed pages, the order of pages, how long you visited our Services, date and time of use of the Services, logs of errors, and other related information.

Accurate location data and how to opt-out

We may collect and process information about the GPS position of your mobile device (including the latitude, longitude or atitude of your mobile device) and the time the location information is registered to configure the Services with location-based information and features when you use one of our location-enabled services (for example, when you access the Services from a mobile device) (for example, to inform you about Institutions in your area or applicable promotions). Some of these services enable the role to work with your personal data, and we may associate location data with your device ID and other information about you that we hold. We retain this information for no longer than is fairly required in order to provide you with services. If you want to make use of a specific function, you will be required to agree to the use of your data for this reason. You can revoke your consent at any time, if your system requires you to do this, by disabling the GPS or other location-tracking functions on your device. See instructions from your computer manufacturer for more information. Cookies and Other Electronic Resources Cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, mobile device IDs, 'flash cookies' and similar files or technologies may be used by us and third parties with whom we collaborate to collect and store information in relation to your use of the Services and websites of third parties. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer that allows us to remember you (as a registered user, for example) when you visit our website, store your preferences and settings, optimise your experience by providing your interests-specific content and ads, perform research and analytics, track your use of our Services, and assist with security and administrative functionality. Only during an individual session can cookies be permanent or saved. Tap here to learn more about cookies. A pixel tag (also referred to as a web beacon or transparent GIF) is a small graphic with a unique identifier that is invisibly embedded on a web page (or an online ad or email) and is used to count or track items such as web page activity or ad impressions or clicks, as well as to access cookies stored on computers by users. To measure the popularity of our different websites, features and services, Eduminatti uses pixel tags. To assess if the message has been opened and for other analytics, we can also use web beacons in email messages or newsletters. The majority of browsers are configured to allow cookies automatically. Please note that certain (but not all) cookies can be disabled through the settings of your computer or browser, but this may interfere with certain features on the Services. Major browsers, when it comes to cookies, provide users with different choices. Users can typically configure their browsers to block all third-party cookies (which are those set by third-party companies that collect information on websites run by other companies), to block all cookies (including first-party cookies such as those used by Eduminatti to collect user-related search activity data) or to block individual cookies. Please visit your browser's support settings to change your cookie settings. To use the Services, you would need to opt-out on each browser and each computer you use. Flash cookies function differently from browser cookies and can not be deleted or blocked through the configuration of the web browser. You agree to our use of cookies in the manner defined in this section by using our services with your browser configured to accept cookies. Cookies or similar tools can also be used by third parties whose goods or services are available or marketed via the Services, including social media services, and we urge you to review their privacy policy for details on their cookies and other practices. The activities of such partners are not regulated by us, and their privacy policies regulate their interactions with you.

Data collected by third parties

We can gather, process and save your user ID associated with any social media account (such as your Google and Facebook account) that you use to sign in or link to or use the Services. When you sign in to your social media account information account or otherwise link to your social media account with the Services, you agree to our collection, preservation and use, in compliance with this Privacy Policy, of the information that you make accessible to us via the social media interface. This can involve but is not restricted to, any information that you have made public through your social media the site, information that the social media provider shares with us, or information that is disclosed during the sign-in process. Please see your social media provider's privacy policy and support centre for more detail about how they exchange information when you want to link to your account.

Anonymous or unidentified data

We can anonymize and/or de-identify information collected from you through the Services or through other means, including through the use of third-party web analytics tools as mentioned below. As a consequence, our use and dissemination of aggregated and/or non-identified information is not limited by this Privacy Policy and can be used and distributed to others without restriction.

2. How to use the information we obtain

We use the information we gather from and about you for several purposes, including: Process and answer your queries Understand our customers (what they do with our Services; what features they want; how they use them, etc.). Enhance the content and features of our Services (such as tailoring content as per your interests), process and complete your transactions, and make special offers. Manage and diagnose technical issues with our services. Give you messages that you have submitted or that may be of interest to you via email, courier, registered mail, telephone or any other means of communication. We can also share your preferences or the Services you use with your network followers on Edustoke for marketing and other promotional activities of our Services. Send questions from other users that you might be able to answer if you have registered with Edustoke. Enable us to show you the ads that are interesting to you. Generate and analyze reports and data on, and perform research on, our user base and service use trends. Administer tournaments and sweepstakes. Please provide you with customer service. Please provide updates about your account. Carry out our responsibilities and enforce our rights as a result of any contracts entered into between you and us, including billing and collection. Notify you of improvements to our Services. Enable you to engage in the engaging features provided by our Services. We can explain it in some other way when you provide the details. With your permission for some other reason. We can also use your details to contact you about our own and third-party products and services that may be of interest to you. If you do not want us to use your information in this way, please check the appropriate box in the form in which we collect your data and/or change your user preferences in your account profile. We can use the information we have collected from you to help us to show advertisements to target audiences of our advertisers. Even if we do not reveal your personal information for these purposes without your permission, if you click on or otherwise engage with an advertisement, the advertiser will assume that you meet its target requirements.

3. How we share the details that we obtain

We may disclose personal information we collect or provide to you, as defined in this Privacy Policy, in the following manner: Disclosure of General Information To our subsidiaries and affiliates, which are under companies common ownership or control of Eduminatii. Institutions, service providers and other third parties that we use to support our business (e.g. schools, summer camps & K-12 service providers) and that are bound by contractual agreements to keep personal data private and to use it only for the purposes for which it is revealed to them. To the purchaser or other successor in the event of a merger, divestment, reorganization or transfer of any or all of the assets of Eduminatii, whether as a continuing interest or as part of a bankruptcy, liquidation or similar proceeding, in which the personal information kept by Eduminatii on the customers of our Services is one of the assets transferred. To third parties to sell their goods or services to you if you have agreed to obtain promotional updates. We contractually expect those third parties to keep personal information confidential and to use it only for the purposes for which it is revealed to them. To serve the function for which you are providing it. For some other reason that we may disclose when you provide the information. Service providers- We may share your information with third-party vendors that we use for a variety of purposes, such as sending you emails and messages on behalf of other Eduminatii members, pushing alerts to your mobile device on our behalf, providing voice recognition services to process your spoken queries and questions, helping us analyze the use of our Services, and processing and collecting payments. Any of our goods, services and databases are hosted by third-party hosting service providers. We can also use vendors for other ventures, such as conducting surveys or arranging sweepstakes for us. We can only share information about you with these vendors to help them to perform their services. Legal purposes: We may share your information if we believe in good faith that such sharing is reasonably necessary to investigate, prevent or take action on potential criminal activities or to comply with the legal process. We may also share your information to review and address possible threats to the physical security of any person, to investigate and address violations of this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Service, or to investigate and address violations of the rights of third parties and/or to protect the rights, property and safety of Eduminatii, our employees, users or the public. This can include sharing your information with law enforcement officials, government agencies, courts and/or other organizations based on a legal request, such as a warrant, a court order or a government request to comply with the law. Social networks: If you interact with social media features on our Services, such as the Facebook Like button, or use your social media credential to log in or post material, these features can collect information about your use of the Services as well as post information about your social media activities. Their privacy policy controls your interactions with social media firms. To implement or apply our Terms of Use and other arrangements, including for billing and collection. If we conclude that disclosure is necessary or sufficient to protect the rights, property or protection of Eduminatii, our customers or others. This involves the sharing of knowledge with other businesses and organizations to protect fraud and reduce credit risk. It's approval. In any other circumstances where we have your permission, we can share your information.

Knowledge shared by institutions

When you make an online transaction through our Services, your information is given to the institutions with which you want to order and to us. To facilitate your booking and online processing of orders, we shall provide your details to other parties in the same way as if you had ordered a product directly from the website. If you provide a phone number, Institutions or Eduminatii may send you messages. Some institutions also require you to provide credit or debit card account details to make your reservation safe. When you make a restaurant reservation or order an online transaction through our Services and/or make a payment to a site through our Services, we may also share additional details with the Institutions, such as information about your preferences for dining and the background or information we receive from third parties. Information that you want to share with a website when you make a booking and/or pay for a service through our Services which be used by a website for its purposes. We are not monitoring the privacy practices of the organizations. Please contact the restaurant directly if you would like to hear more about its privacy policies.

Payment card Data

To use some of our Services, such as making payments to individual Institutions, we may require credit/debit card /account information. By submitting your credit/debit card/account information through our Services, you expressly consent to the sharing of your information with Banks, third party payment processors and other third-party service providers (including but not limited to, vendors offering fraud detection services to other third parties and us) and you further agree to the following terms: When you use your credit or debit card to secure your reservation through our Pages, we provide your credit or debit card account details (including card number and expiry date) to our third-party payment service providers. When you first provide your credit or debit card account information through our Services to use our Payment Services, we provide your credit or debit card account information to our third-party payment service providers. As stated in our Terms of Use, these third parties can store your credit or debit card account details to make future use of our restaurant payment services through our Services. See the "Security" section below for details on the security of your credit or debit card account information.

4. Analytics and customized ads

We can use third-party web analytics on our Services, such as Google Analytics, to help us better understand your use of the Services. These service providers use the technology mentioned in the "Automatically-Collected Information" section above. The information obtained by this technology will be revealed or collected directly by those service providers who use the information to determine the use of the Services by our customers. Google Analytics is also used as defined in the following section. You can install the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on to prevent Google Analytics from collecting or using your details.

Targeted Advertising

Third parties whose goods or services are available or promoted via the Services may often use cookies or similar technologies to collect information about your use of the Services. This is done to help, educate or customize and serve ads based on prior visits to our websites and other sites, and (ii) report how our ad impressions, other uses of ad services, and interactions with those ad impressions and ad services are connected to visits to our website. We also allow other third parties (e.g. ad networks and ad servers such as Google Analytics, OpenX, Pubmatic, DoubleClick and others) to serve ads customized to your Services and to access cookies or similar technology on your computer, mobile phone or another device that you use to access the Services. You can also receive personalized in-development ads when accessing the Services from a mobile application. Each operating system: iOS, Android and Windows Phone offers its instructions on how to prevent the delivery of personalized in-app advertisements. You can review the support materials and/or privacy settings for the respective operating systems to opt-out of personalized in-application advertisements. For any other devices and/or operating systems, please visit the relevant device or operating system privacy settings or contact the correct platform operator. You can visit the Google Ads Settings page to opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertisements or configure Google Display Network Ads. Please note that to the degree that advertisement technology is incorporated into the Facilities, you can still receive advertisements even though you opt-out of targeted advertising. In that scenario, the ads would not be tailored to your preferences. Also, we do not monitor any of the above opt-out links. We are not responsible for any choices you make using these mechanisms or for the continued availability or accuracy of these mechanisms. We do not have access to, nor do we have access to, this Privacy Policy, the use of cookies or other monitoring technologies that may be used by those third parties. These parties can allow you to opt-out of advertisement targeting. Suppose you are interested in more details about custom browser ads and how you can generally manage cookies from being placed on your computer to providing personalized advertising (i.e. not just services). In that case, you can visit the Consumer Opt-Out Link Network Advertising Initiative and/or the Consumer Opt-Out Link Digital Advertising Alliance to opt-out of receiving customized advertising. Don't Track We are committed to providing you with meaningful choices about the information obtained from our Services for third-party purposes, which is why we include the above links to the NAI "Consumer Opt-out" the DAA opt-out and the Google opt-out. However, we currently do not understand or respond to browser-initiated Do Not Track signals, as the Internet industry is still working on Do Not Track standards, implementations and solutions.

5. Choices on how your knowledge is used and published

We are committed to providing you with options about the personal details you send to us. You may set your browser or mobile device to reject all or some browser cookies or to warn you when cookies are being sent. To learn how to handle your Flash cookie settings, visit the Flash Player Settings page on the Adobe website. If you disable or reject cookies, please notice that certain parts of our Services can be unavailable or may not function properly. We will not share your personal information with any advertising agency.

6. Communication options

When you sign up for an account, you chose to receive emails from other users of Eduminatii, companies, and Eduminatii itself. You can log in to monitor your email preferences here and follow the "unsubscribe" directions in your commercial email messages, but remember that you cannot opt-out of receiving any administrative notifications, service notices or legal notices from Eduminatii.

7. Check, change or remove information

If you would like to check, alter or remove the personal information we have collected from you or permanently delete your account, please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of each page (also located here) or contact the Eduminatii Privacy Officer. Suppose you remove your User Contributions from our websites. In that case, copies of your User Contributions can remain available in cached and archived pages or may have been copied or saved by other users of our websites. Proper access to and use of information provided on our websites, including User Submissions, is controlled by our Terms of Use.

8. Accessing and correcting your sensitive details

We will take appropriate measures to ensure that the personal details you send to us and any subsequent updates are reported accurately. We invite you to review, update and correct the personal information we retain about you, and you can request that we remove personal information about you that is wrong, incomplete or irrelevant for good purposes, or that it is processed in a manner that infringes any applicable legal requirement. Your right to review, amend, correct and delete your details may be limited, according to the law in your jurisdiction: I if your request is abusive or unreasonably excessive; (ii) if the rights or protection of another person or person are infringed, or (iii) if the information or material you request relates to current or anticipated legal proceedings between you and others. Your right to review, amend, correct and delete your records is subject to our Policy on record preservation and applicable law, including any statutory retention provisions.

9. Security: How to protect your details

We also placed in place effective physical, electronic and managerial processes to secure and help prevent unauthorized access to your information and to preserve data protection. These protections take into account the importance of the information we gather, process and store and the current state of the art. We follow widely agreed industry guidelines to secure the personal information given to us, both during transmission and after we receive it, including the use of vault and tokenization services provided by third-party service providers. Third-party service providers concerning our voucher and tokenization services as well as our payment gateway and payment processing are both validated as consistent with the payment card industry norm (generally referred to as PCI compliant service providers). However, no method of transmission over the Internet or through mobile devices or electronic storage methods is 100% safe. Therefore, while we aim to use commercially appropriate means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute protection and use in a manner that is inconsistent with this Privacy Policy. We take no responsibility or liability for disclosure of your information due to errors in transmission, unauthorized access by third parties or other factors outside our control. You have an essential role to play in keeping your personal information secure. You should not share your user name, password or other security details for your Eduminatii account with someone else. If we receive instructions using your user name and password, we will assume that you have accepted the instructions.

10. Links and services of third parties

The Services may include links to websites of third parties. Your use of these features can result in the collection, processing or sharing of information about you, depending on the parts. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of other websites or services that may be connected to our services. We do not promote or make claims about third-party websites or services. Our Privacy Policy does not cover information that you want to provide or that is obtained by those third parties. We highly advise you to read the privacy policy of such third parties.

11. Compliance with the Data Security Regulation

The information we receive from or about you may be processed and stored in India. Our other servers located around the globe, which may allow for different data security laws than the country in which you live. We comply with widely agreed industry-standard regulations concerning the collection, use and retention of data. Each location can lay down different rules on data protection than the country in which you reside. Through using the Services, you agree to the collection, transfer, use, storage and disclosure of your information as defined in this Privacy Policy, including the transfer of your information outside your country of residence. If you have any concerns about your details, please write to us at

12. Data retention and termination of the account

You can close your account by visiting our website for your profile settings tab. We will delete and/or disassociate your public posts from your account profile, but we can retain information about you for the purposes allowed under this Privacy Policy unless prohibited by law. We will either delete or de-identify your details in such a way that it is confidential and not attributed to your name. For example, we can maintain information to avoid, investigate or detect potential wrongdoings in connection with the Service or to comply with legal obligations.

13. Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right, from time to time, to amend this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in the law, our data collection and use policies, the features of our services or technical advances. Please check this page for updates regularly. The use of the information we receive is subject to the Privacy Policy in place at the time the information is used. If we make any material improvements to this Privacy Policy, we'll post the changes here. Please carefully check the changes. Your continued use of the Services following the posting of revisions to this Privacy Policy would constitute your consent and approval of these changes.

14. Contact Details

Suppose you have any questions regarding the processing/use of the information given by you or the Privacy Policy of Eduminatii. In that case, you may email us at or write to the following address:
The Officer of Privacy
123 Emerald Hills, Lane Rajpur (8.67 km)