About Us

Education has emerged to be an essential asset in the present day and age. Without education, imagining a successful and fulfilling life is not possible. But with infinite options, opportunities and services available in this field, selecting the most favourable option has become a herculean task.

To simplify this hunt, Educational Consultancy leverages a profound impact. We at Eduminatti, with a team of proficient Education Consultants, strive to make education accessible, beneficial, resourceful, lucrative, satisfactory and life-transforming to all. With our experts, we work towards solving the educational dilemmas of students, parents, educators and even institutions and pave a way towards a brighter and more successful tomorrow.

Eduminatti, a Dehradun based startup, started with a vision to provide the most reliable and beneficial educational information to the masses, effortlessly. We aim to make dreams come through perfect education and knowledge ultimately making the world a better place to thrive in. We also believe that education should not be bounded by age, and every individual has the right to attain knowledge. Our platform is an open-source for all the students, parents, educators, institutions and any individual who wishes to seek knowledge regardless of their age.

Tarunjyot Singh

As an Educational Consultancy, our primary services and duties are listed as follows:

  • We help students to identify their potential based on their interest, skills and talents, to help them find a course that best matches their abilities. Guidance based on performance and personality assessment is provided.
  • We have all the essential data and information about the schools and institutions in India and abroad. People looking for reliable school information can utilise the services of Eduminatti.
  • We also help the students and aspirants find the best schools, colleges according to their inclination and get them the relevant details that can help in securing a seat at the top institutions.
  • We have collaborations and tie-ups with the top institutions in India and abroad. We assist students in securing admission and also get scholarships based on their achievements and performance. We analyse the financial concerns of our clients and assist them with schemes that can help them resolve their economical issues.
  • Eduminatti also provides special counselling to educational institutions helping them to enhance their course structure. New and progressive strategies are implemented and the latest trends prevalent in the Educational sector.
  • Foreign admission is made more accessible and simplified through our services. Our experts also help candidates with the admission, interviews and visa process. Special counselling is given to help the candidate adjust in the foreign lands with ease.
  • All the latest news related to the Ed-Tech industry is available on eduminatti.com.
  • The study material and lectures for competitive exam preparation, school exam preparation, homework help and project help is also available on our website. Educators from the top coaching institutes are also available to guide the students and furnish them with the best tips to ace the exams.
  • Parenting tips and all the other articles, videos and other resources are available to help the parents and improve their parenting abilities. The expert advice of top consultants and advisors is also provided.
  • Tips and advice for educators to cope up with common issues and upgrade their skills are also provided.
  • Data on top schools in India, top CBSE schools India, top International Schools in India, etc. are all available on the website. State-wise and even city-wise data are available on the official website along with the categories to simplify the school search for the customers.
  • Skill development programs with top-demanded industrial skills are also provided. Students can enhance or develop new skills to add to their portfolio/ resume.

Our Mission

The educational choices that we make today dictate our future, success and the quality of life. The society has become very competitive in recent years. It is delineated with innovation and creativity. To keep up with this highly competitive and fast-paced world, one needs to have an efficacious educational background.

Education is not just limited to the theoretical content mentioned in the books. It is a vast ocean made with numerous elements. Today, with unlimited information and options available everywhere, aspirants and their parents tend to get confused. With proper guidance and advice from the experts, one can make their educational journey the most favourable. Eduminatti works towards this goal of making the educational life of an individual the best one. Our team works assiduously to gather the most reliable sources of information and make this knowledge hunt a piece of cake for you.

Why to tediously search through numerous websites when all you need is at one place! Eduminatti is your one-stop destination to solve all your educational concerns and confusions.

So join us and come and dive into the vast ocean of knowledge created by Eduminatti and imbibe the resources provided by our phenomenal Educational Consultancy!